Reach Virginia serves as a catalyst for retaining novice educators.
Bringing together school divisions, universities and other partners, Reach Virginia collectively sets the standards for a unified framework of high quality mentoring.

Reach Virginia supports new teacher mentoring programs across these 20 Virginia school divisions.

Reach Virginia map
Reach Virginia map
Reach Virginia Map Key
Reach Virginia Map Key

Capacity Building

I can’t begin to tell you what I continue to learn personally and professionally from participating in Reach Virginia. It has built my capacity as a leader to then build capacity in my division’s new teachers.

Program Building

My school division’s program was completely built on our participation in Reach Virginia.

Advocates for Mentoring

Reach Virginia is united in a cause—to continue to advocate for the power of high-quality mentoring to impact new teachers and the students they teach.


There is so much organization behind the scenes that keeps us together. That structure is instrumental in guiding us to become a cohesive group with a common vision and mission. How else would you ever get 12 school divisions to agree to develop a common system to evaluate their programs?

Surpassing Our Boundaries

At first we were individual voices. What has sustained us is that bigger concept—we’ve moved away from the boundaries of our school divisions and united together behind a cause. We’re in a critical area of need—teacher retention—that can have huge implications for our community.

Data Gathering and Analysis

Arroyo Research Services has partnered with Reach Virginia for the past decade. In that time, we have observed the Reach Virginia leaders transform a group of foundation grantees into a working consortium of school divisions and leaders responsible for new teacher support who collaboratively design and support new teacher mentoring systems.